Catalyst: Past and Present

from by The Noumenon



She was led by the force of a stone
To a disembodied man.
His eyes seemed to stare, as if compelled to,
As the earth asunder drove her below.

Awakened by the cries
Of a million throats diverged.
She awaits silence.
Finally satisfied, she would recognize light
Only to see things but seen by fabled eyes.

By the touch of its surface, a device was engaged.
Voices familiar to a heritage unknown
Spoke as the vault drew images in the air:

“The first encounter with the entity was met by loss of sanity.
Men and women sought hope in The Sun.
Two decades would pass before the beast would return.
They prayed to their Gods
Only to be denied eternal symmetry.
The few that remain would be endowed
By their faith and their spawn.”

The voices did relent,
But the images engraved her thoughts.
Projections of the destroyer’s resolve
Did derive insatiable curiosity.

It is not;
Train of thought.


from Terminus, released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


The Noumenon Edmonton, Alberta

We are The Noumenon. We are here by way of
unknown forces and are continuously compelled to
pursue the mysteries of creation.

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