Prism of Naught

from by The Noumenon



“The wise have known
All along but refuse to reveal the truth.
The prophets of profit have done well
To deceive them all.

There is no soul to repent
And no God to fear:
Born like the Sun
But not of Its will.”

She pitied them all.
To be the one
Who’d expose this fallacy
Would bleed her of all her pain.

There lay a man,
Battered by fear,
Scanning all the rocks and the stones,
Seeking a path leading to his salvation.
She grabbed him, and forced the beast
To reflect upon his eye.

Bifurcated his spine remains in her arms.
A Wiseman saw this, and blamed her for “all of this”.

Calm and composed,
She wiped some offal remains from her brow as she grinned;
Slowly turning to face the stars...

“I will show you a glimpse
Of what you may be.
(Of what you will become.)
So choose where you’ll reside”

“I’ll stay, I’ve just
Begun my hunt
For the lies.

There’s no escaping
This fate of our making.
There is no consequence
For what we must have undone”


from Terminus, released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


The Noumenon Edmonton, Alberta

We are The Noumenon. We are here by way of
unknown forces and are continuously compelled to
pursue the mysteries of creation.

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